Catering Equipment Auction

In the present-day only online auction, we will be counting a very large assortment of High-end restaurant and Catering Equipment auction as well as a Randell Blast Chiller, coolers, freezers, ovens, tables, chairs, stainless steel prep tables, ranges, support equipment, sinks, mixers, dishwasher, table linens and much much more! Don’t miss this great chance to buying the later model high-end restaurant and catering equipment!

Do you have catering equipment to vend? If they’re any catering equipment you need to throw away you can take a look at our sales. Why trade with us? Caterbids are one of the UK’s market leaders in selling and offering used catering equipment from corporations both large and small, as well as private individuals throughout the UK. With all of our online auctions, it’s dynamic to guarantee that our customers have a full understanding of both the auction and buying options before committing to selling with us. For further info on selling with us, contact our squad today or create an account on our website to get in progress via the button.

What equipment you can expect to see in an online catering auction?

Starting your kitchen has never been easier. Are you looking for good value, continuing commercial ovens, catering equipment, or fryers? You can suppose to see all types of catering equipment made obtainable through our auctions. 

Here’s a good rundown of stock we generally find:

·         Fryers and Fast-Food Equipment

·         Catering Equipment - usually from restaurants, fast food chains, and hotels.

·         Commercial Ovens

·         Industrial Microwaves

·         Fridges and chillers

·         Freezers

·         Bain Maries

·         Pizza Ovens

·         Grills

·         Dishwashers

·         Sinks 

·         & More

Catering and Restaurant:

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big business, a cake decorator, or a smoko van worker. From commercial kitchenware to chef’s boaters, there’s an ever-changing catalogue of provisions obtainable. Maybe it’s a luxurious coffee machine for the best in barista-made beverages? Or, maybe it’s the piercing of knives to give your business that other edge? Make certain you don’t miss out! We are a major provider of catering equipment.

Ovens, benchtops, bain-maries, deep fryers, fridges, pizza-dough makers – you’ll discover all this and even the kitchen sink! Certainly, here at Caterbids, you can expect steady quality lots of possessions that feature commercial sinks and fryers. What does this mean for you? Well, you could simply get started on your cafeteria fit-out at a segment of the price it would charge you retail. Also, we are the perfect solution if you are looking to elevation your present equipment on an ad-hoc foundation.

If you are in the eatery business, you’ll want to pattern us out. Or, have you been fantasizing about opening a café all your very own? It’s now within informal reach. You can base all manner of commercial furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) on our simple and easy bidding procedure. Want to go next level?  How approximately a smoke mechanism or even a mirror ball?

Used Catering Equipment:

In general, we believe that buying used restaurant equipment presents better worth in both the short and long term. Most items obtainable through auction are in exceptional, working ailment and are a segment of the price of a new model. When you buying used commercial kitchen equipment, devaluation is FAR less affected. This equipment already drops its initial worth when the original purchaser/seller acquired or sold the equipment as an outcome, you're scoring a better overall value.

All the catering equipment for inside a domestic or commercial kitchen that is only a must-have can arise at a cost. That’s why you’ll be helping by looking into our used catering equipment auction. It’s a fantastic way to get your commercial kitchen in the form you’re looking for.

Meet the Team:

With the ability to take control of intended and reflex recoveries from a whole business to a single vehicle and more, you can be guaranteed that Caterbids can take care of all of your repossession requirements. We host repurchase agreement auctions for individuals and businesses in the nation and across the state! We market to a range of business kinds from commercial and personal property possessions Catering Equipment Auction, to credit unions and all kinds of banking organizations. We can manage properties from a representative, business, or from an individual position as well. 

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